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How To Build A Thriving Business With Great Copywriting:

  1. Attract clients     2. Make sales    3. Toast to your success     4. Repeat.

Number 3 is everyone’s favorite part,

so I take the pain out of Numbers 1,2, &4.

Whatever your beverage of choice, getting to the toasts is the hardest part of running a business.


Your marketing content should tell the best story about your business or product.


A story that hooks people. Makes them want to know more.


And once you’ve got them digging deeper, you need copy that inspires them to take action and say “Heck yeah!” to your offer.  

Storytelling  +  Action inducing copy  = “Oh, look at that, time for champagne!”

That’s what I do for my clients.

Conversion Copywriting

Copywriting for busineses, non-profits, and agencies

persuasive copywriting

Hey there.

I’m Kim.

Expert copywriter for website copy, landing pages, sales pages, and email. Grow your business faster with persuasive marketing and sales copy writing.

I help businesses, agencies, and non-profits create effective content and copy.


That’s the plain-jane way of describing what I do.  


But what I *really* do?


I Turn Words Into Money. 

Ok, that sounds a pretty hype-y, but it’s true.


Your website. Sales page. Landing page. Autoresponders. Email launch series. All of your content and copy.


They are all focused on making sales.  {They are, right?}  So you can’t just throw any ol’ words into them and expect results.


The right words will convince your customers to act.  To sign up.  To buy.  To convert.   And the wrong words, well….won’t.

Effective copy is part art and part science.

The science part comes first:

customer research, google analytics data, sifting through all your customer and sales information

Then the art part kicks in:

telling your story, being true to your brand, and tapping into your customers’ hearts and minds

I’ve been putting [art + science] and [right brain + left brain] thinking together for the last 15 years.


BS in English with a minor in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy


MS in Public Relations + an MA in International Relations from Syracuse University


I’ve helped organizations ranging from the soft-n-squishy to the industrial and technical - non-profits, coaches, consultants, home builders, photographers, industrial maintenance companies, and more - improve their sales copy


I have a knack for making the complex simple


Army Engineer Officer in charge of leading construction and combat engineering missions AND communications for my unit

{When engineers find out you have an English degree, you get tasked to do a lot of writing around the office}


I’ve written Division level reports for the Pentagon


As an Engineer, I was in charge of communicating with domestic and international media while serving in Iraq


I’ve kept families in the loop while their soldiers were deployed to combat zones

I’ve worked with all kinds of clients.

Each one is unique.

Because every audience requires a message tailored just for them.

And now I want to put my skills to work for your business.

Why work with me?

Because I make the copywriting process simple and easy.


  • I work autonomously – so you don’t have to worry if the project is getting done


  • I’m organized and will manage the project – so you can focus on other things


  • Deadlines are iron-clad for me – so the project will stay on track


  • Communication is key – you’ll know when to expect all deliverables and I’ll keep you in loop with the progress of your project


  • Happy clients, happy life – I want to make sure you are satisfied, so I will give you the best service possible